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Hi I'm John

About Me

I am a Chinese American. I was born and grew up in China and came to the US for the graduate school 22 years ago. I have two children. I like travel and my work is always about travel to get things done. I cannot stay in one place for more than three months without travel. If you ask me who I am, I would say: I am firstly a Mormon, secondly a father and husband and thirdly a professional of an organization. I like education and enjoy having college students around me. I was transformed by this country, by this church and in return what I have been doing in life and work has an impact on other people's life.

Why I am a Mormon

Do I truly believe there is a God? Why do you choose to be a Mormon? These are the questions that I have been asked repeatedly. I usually tell people that I believe there is a God. There is a Jesus Christ. And there is a holy ghost. I had three greatest blessings: Blessing One goes to my family. After becoming a Mormon, there is more love at home. I found I love my wife more, as we are sharing the common values in life, and we understand we as a family have an eternal life. Blessing Two goes to my son. We as parents are not perfect, but it is perfect to have the son grow up in bible studies. The bible will teach him what is right and what is wrong. My son every night before going to sleep would read the scriptures and pray on his knees. He is a straight A student on high honor roll. I often say he succeeds because of Book of Mormon. Blessing Three goes to my wisdom. After joining the church, I can speak better and more effective in leadership and communications.

How I live my faith

I am a first counselor of our ward's bishopric. I learnt two most important principles. One is how to assist the bishop to do well, and the other is to develop love through service. Serving in the bishopric is a blessing of learning the leadership skills.

How do I become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)?

I was transformed by our church. It is at this place that I came to realize that I have received many blessings from Heavenly Father. It is also at this place that I learnt serving others. I had a couple of turning point in life and joining THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS is the most significant one. IT IS A TURNING POINT FOR MY FAMILY. I learnt WHOM I AM. Prior meeting with the church members, I thought all what I had achieved was because of the hard work and luck. It is at this church that I learnt to understand that Heavenly Father has been blessing me through his children. It is at this church that I learnt “I Am a Child of God”. My decision to be baptized came from the feelings of what I read from Book of Mormon and what I saw from the individual members of the church. The examples of members match with the principles of the gospel. I cannot see Heavenly Father with my own eyes, but their examples helped me see the God. Their examples as a Mormon helped me understand the God, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost. I had three stories to tell. Story 1 - Great Wall The first time I got to know a church member was June 2004 at the HBS Global Conference in Shanghai. February 21st 2005, a church member (a colleague) and I traveled together for the first time to Asia. We went to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. February the 26th, Saturday, we took a break after the four busy days. I decided to take him to climb the Great Wall, eat the Peking Duck at the most traditional Qiamen Peking Duck Restaurant and walk through the Forbidden City. We left the hotel at around 8:30am for the Great Wall. In the car, we started our conversation on different cars, and then on families. We talked about Jesus Christ and Mormon. We continued our conversation when were walking and climbing on the Great Wall, on the way back to the city, at the Peking Duck Restaurant and at the Forbidden City. While he was talking, I was pondering. He talked about many things. I did not understand all of what he said, but I feel a spirit which comes and goes. When we returned to the hotel, he gave me a copy of Book of Mormon. I started to glance over the book every night at the hotel when we finished our business meetings for the day. We ended our trip in Singapore. On the way to the airport, it was still dark in the morning, in the car, I remembered I asked the last question on spiritual wealth and material wealth. After he left, I went back to the hotel and called my wife. I told her about this little red cover book and read it to her Book of Moroni Chapter 10, vs 20-23. I told her about this LDS church member. “He is not just a professor. He is a Mormon! I need to look into this for our son.” After the trip, one Friday, I received a call from him. He came and we met. After the business conversation, I hesitantly and nervously asked a few questions about Mormon. He smiled and said – “I know you would ask me these. That’s why I had the feeling that I should come and see you.” He invited me to his chapel that Sunday. That was the first time that I have ever been to a church. The following week was the General Conference, to which my wife, my son and I all went. Story 2 - I AM A CHILD OF GOD One night, he and his wife invited my family to have a dinner at his home to introduce us to the missionary president and his wife. At the end of the dinner, my colleague’s wife suggested that they four sing a song to us. The song was “I AM A CHILD OF GOD”. Their singing touched my heart. They are not singing this to us for themselves. They are doing this for someone! Someone is asking them to do this to us. His wife said Jesus Christ is our savior and he loves YOU. When each time I heard the music of this hymn, her voice echoes in my ears. Since then, every Thursday night, these two families took turns to come to teach us with missionaries. Each time, when my wife and I opened the door at home to welcome them, we see them as the representative sent from the Heavenly Father. “HEAVENLY FATHER IS SENDING SOMEONE TO OUR HOME.” Though I read Book of Mormon every night, and went to the 1st Ward Sunday meetings every week, I could not understand all things in Book of Mormon. Starting late May and early June, I found it helpful to read together with Mormons. Story 3 - THE DECISION AND THE IMPACT ON THE FAMILY Gaining the spirit, understanding the basic principles of ‘faith, hope, charity’, atonement and repentance, and seeing the close examples of these two families, I came to the decision. I said to my wife “Let me take one step first while you are thinking about it.” At the time when I was baptized, I could not see the possibility when my wife would join me in any time that I could foresee. She basically did not think that she would join the church. She only said – when our son joins you, I will. I had no clue how a kid could understand the complicated scriptures. Things changed. One winter morning, in the car, 5:30am, I was driving my son to Bridgewater hockey rink for a game. On route 24, he suddenly asked me “Dad, I wanted to be a Mormon. Can I be baptized?” “When can I be baptized?” I said, ‘check with your Mom?’ I was surprised, touched and said to myself – you will win the game this morning. It turned out that he was listening to our conversations when missionaries were teaching us. Missionaries started to teach my son. He told missionaries that after Dad was baptized, there is more peace at home. “Mom and Dad do not fight each other, and the frequencyof quarrel was reduced at least 50%.” My son started to draw a chart to assign everyone of us to pray at three meals and bedtime. He disciplined us on praying on every dinner and bedtime. When we forgot to pray at the dinner, he would refuse to eat. He took it seriously. In sum, the Mormon’s examples lead us to believe in Jesus Christ. The journey of becoming a Mormon changed me. I realized that I have been blessed because I believe I am a child of God. Gospel has the impact on how we lead the life. Heavenly Father through these Mormons set up the examples, and my change was influenced by these examples. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

When I believe the eternal life, my vision is broadened. The eternal life is the foundation of happiness in this life, and sustain the family as one and in the eternities. Show more Show less