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Hi I'm Judy

I'm crazy about my family. I look for any excuse to celebrate life and I work to eliminate violence in my community. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised a Jesrey girl but a southern boy stole my heart and I have been south of the mason dixon line ever since. As a young girl, my dad owned a bar on 8th and Market in Philly where we would watch the Mummers parade on New Years Day. We spent the summers at the shore and longed for my grandmother's clam chowder. Now I've traded the shore for Blue-ridge mountain lakes and low country boils. We fish for bass instead of blues and say "y'all" instead of "you's guys". My husband and I have been happily married for 26 years. We have been blessed with three amazing children and equally amazing son and daughter-in-law. I love life, even with the many challenges we have faced and am always looking for ways to celebrate it. One of my passions is eliminating violence against women. For over 20 years I have volunteered with my local Battered Women's Shelter. I also love to cook breakfast but am not necessarily the best cook. When our children were young they wouldn't say the "B" word, "burnt" for fear of hurting my feelings. To this day, and in it's place, we all say, "Oh, it;'s lightly toasted" and smile! I have a great love for water whether it's the ocean, lake, waterfall, rainstorm or puddle...there is something magical about water that I gravitate to. I'm a cardigan and house slipper gal and love a good hug. For over 10 years I have also had the pleasure of working with elementary school children. They tell the best jokes, which I'm known for enjoying a bit too much!

Why I am a Mormon

Though I feel like I could list a million reasons why I am a Mormon, simply, I believe in my heart that I am closer to my Savior Jesus Christ because I am Mormon. I was raised half Agnostic half Mormon. . My dad is still Agnostic and I think I better understand why.. he simply doubts the financial motives of organized religion and he thinks all those "unanswered questions" just simply can not be answered. For me, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does answer all the "unaswered questions" and motive is not generally questioned since our clergy do not get paid. We all chip in, from teaching Sunday School to leading the choir. The programs and practices of this church have provided me a blue print for life. For example: By living the prinicples of the Word of Wisdom, I have a better chance of living a life free of addiction. With the focus on family and programs like Family Home Evening, Date Night, and Family Prayers we have a road map to strengthen our family and better survive the trappings of the world. Our Provident Living program encourages emergency preparedness, living within our means, and saving for a rainy day. There is just so much about this church that I love. It makes sense to me that a young boy of 14 would be confused about which church to join, especially in his day. The four corners of his town contained 4 different churches with all the preachers on the street corner trying to convince folks to join their church. I am so grateful that he knelt in a Grove and asked our Heavenly Father which church to join. Because of the great apostacy after Jesus died there needed to be a restoration of Christs' church and that tiime had come. The translation of the golden plates, found hidden in a mountainside, by Joseph Smith known as The Book of Mormon is one of my most prized posseions. It has been an amazing guide for my life! In short, I believe I am the best me possible, living the most amazing life possible; and all because I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

In my community for about 3 nights every week, I am on call as a volunteer for our local family violence program. I've been doing it for over 20 years and I am very passionate about those I serve. I drive to local hopsitals and help comfort victims and their family members from the tragedy of sexual assault. I started volunteering with the Domestic Violence program in 1990, when my husband wanted our New Years resolution to focus on service. I actually thought he was nuts. He was working 3 jobs so I could stay home with the kids. How would we possibly squeeze in service? He chose Habitat for Humanity and I thought, if I didn't want to be wearing a tool belt for the next 52 Saturday's, I better find something I am passionate about. So I sent a half-hearted prayer to Heaven asking to direct my service efforts. Wouldn't you know, even half-hearted prayers get answered. That very day I saw an article in our local paper seeking volunteers for our county's battered women's shelter. I knew immediately that I had found my cause. My grandmother was a survivor of domestic violence. In the 1940's after being shoved down a flight of stairs and loosing her unborn child, she divorced my grandfather, put herself through college, and rasied my father and my uncle on her own. My husband's grandmother was not so fortunate. She too was a victim of domestic violence. She, however, died at the hands of her husband. So now I devote my time and energy in their honor and in hope of freeing women from violence. The service I give comes back ten fold. I am a better person after I serve. I hug my husband tighter. I whine a bit less and I thank God for all my blessings on a more daily basis. During the day, I serve as the President of our congregations' Women's Organization. It is called Relief Society. Our motto is Charity Never Faileth. As an amazing and diverse group of women we combine our efforts to be of service to each other and our community.

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

For me, being baptized means a fresh start and an opportunity to take on the name of Christ and to live my life the way Jesus lived his. Every Sunday, when I take the bread and water, I get to renew those baptismal covenants. I seek forgiveness for the things I've done wrong and I try again to be more like Jesus. Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

I guess to me, the question should read.... "Who is the phophet today?"... It is Thomas S. Monson and I don't see him as just a Mormon prophet. Yes, he is Mormon... but he is the prophet for all the world... not just Mormons. Show more Show less