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Hi I'm Ling Wai-yee (Linda)

I am a Mormon. I grew up in Hong Kong and work in the social work field.

About Me

I am an optimistic lady enjoying my life though it is difficult and hard. Being a super mom to keep pace with the mother's role, career responsibility, church service and personal growth in the highly competitive global world, I have been so exhausted to hold the balance but something inside my mind and heart sustains my determination to carry on. I love music, dancing, art, thinking, hiking and traveling the world. I also like to meet people from all walks of life and get to know their experience, dreams and hopes, which will enrich my sprituality and perspectives to see things different. I believe love, kindness and mercy can uplift people and make the world better if people open their hearts and minds to change. I wish to be one of the wheels to push the world moving on and encourage the rising young generation to lead a sane living with good confidence and self-respect.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon? I have asked myself many times over the past years. I started to get in touch with the Church of Jesus Latter Day Saints when I was a teenager. During that time, I was interested in religion and so impressed by the hard working missionaries who sacrificed their time, money, education or career to travel far away from their home countries to a strange land to learn a new language and preach the gospel. Upon the missionaries' encouragement, I studied scriptures, prayed and attended the church meetings to search my testimony. Because of my parents' strong objection against my involvement in the church activities, I waited for three years to be baptized and then obtained my testimony. After the baptism, I heard a still small voice repeatedly telling me to keep the commandments and fire burned inside my heart. I suddenly knew that the Spirit was with me and be my guide. Even today, this memory is still fresh and the burning feeling still exists. As time went by, I had gone through many trials to keep faith and my identity as a Mormon in different stages of life, career fields and social settings. Though I served a mission before, temptation is so strong in the long journey of life that I need to be fully awake to the worldly traps all the time. When the day is gone and the darkness comes, and when you are alone to struggle with the temptation and difficulties, I ask myself why I am a Mormon and not other religious believer or ordinary person who appears to have an easy life with less commitments. However, the still small voice comforts me and assures me of my choice is right. When I have peace and joy in the gospel, and realize that the commandments are shields to protect me from wrongs and wickness, and feel free to be myself without fear because of Jesus Christ's atonement. I am proud and happy to be a Mormon because God lives, the church is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God and they are of great value to me.

How I live my faith

Living in faith and enduring unto the end is really a great challenge as it requires strict self-discipline, patience, faith and wisdom to hold one's belief. I have been a member for almost forty years and then look back how I live my faith, I conclude my experience into three aspects. First, stay close to the Lord. When one is always preoccupied by temporal affairs such as making a living, taking care of family members, fulflling social obligations and completing career requirements, it is easy to get lost and gradually stay away from church because we are all human beings with our own weakness. To keep my spiritual welfare, I always commune with God in prayer and scripture study as well as church service and temple worship to cling on the Holy Spirit so that I can maintain the close relation with God. Second, service to the fellows in the church and community. Service helps me become unselfish and more considerate of others' needs. I visit the poor and the needy, share testimonies, teach gospel, run programs for the children, youth and women. Recently, I involve in the charity work to provide the low-income single mothers and underprivileged families in China with self-reliance projects to improve their quality of life. These services have widened my scope of life and strengthened my faith when I better understand the God's love for his children on earth. Final, self-reflection. Self-reflection builds faith. When I have ability to reflect, I can see my strength and weakness for further improvement and become a better Christian. I attain a stronger desire to be like God which is a powerful motive to live with faith for the past and in the future. Despite I am not a perfect being, faith gives me hope to pursue excellence and believe I can do better if I continue to work on it.