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Hi I'm Gary Stapley

I live in Salt Lake City. I work as a commercial insulation salesman which allows me to meet all kinds of people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I am married and have five children. Four girls and one boy. I love them all. I always dreamed of having a cute little girl to take walks with and hold my hand, and I wound up having four of them. One boy was enough. :-) I have been very blessed with a healthy wife and children. I'm grateful for all I have.....and I hope to live every day as if it were my last (In a good way). I want to get as much out of life as I can while I'm still able to. I realize health is a key part of that goal. It may not last for ever. I've always thought that you could sleep when you die. I like to do things that are outdoors if possible. I just returned from hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver island for my third time in the last 9 years. It is a rain forest with spectacular scenery. Some people rate it as the number one hike in the world. I won't be arguing with them. I went on an LDS mission when I was younger and hope to go again when the time is right with my wife. When I went as a young man it changed my life forever. I feel like I can trace everyone of the blessings in my life back to that pivotal time in my life. When I went on my mission I don't think I knew for sure what I was getting myself into completely. I said If I didn't figure it out in the first month I would go home. I was blessed to be able to figure it out. I didn't know I could change so much. Thanks to the Holy Ghost I learned how much.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into the church when I was eight years old. I am about as Utahn as you can get. My Great Grand Mother was the first (non native american) white child born in Utah. She was born on August 9th, 1847 just after her parents arrived in the Salt Lake valley. Her father had been enlisted into the Mormon Battalion. Before they were needed to fight in the war it was over and he and his wife and 5 year old daughter were sent back to meet the rest of the saints in Fort Laramie, WY. That they did. He became one of the great settlers in the southern part of Utah and Nevada. The other side of my family was just as strong and courageous. There stories are inspirational to me and my family. With all of that being said, that is NOT why I am Mormon. I didn't even know all of the historical information until I was in my 30's. My life changed in my early and late teens. My cousin Greg died from leukemia at the age of 13 and I was 14. I was at his bed side when he passed away. His last words as he awoke from being in a coma for several days was calling out his grandfathers name who had passed away a few years prior as he looked up and then laid his head down on the pillow and was gone. I knew what I had seen and felt. I knew there was at least a God. That began my searching for the truth. I have had many other spiritual experiences since then. Today I can say with all honesty from my heart. That I know the teachings of the LDS faith are the teachings of God.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by doing what I have been taught through out my life. I was born into a family with loving parents and two brothers and two sisters. One sister had passed away as an infant before I was born. My parents and good leaders who became my friends taught me how to live my faith. I would rather just go and live my faith by doing something for someone rather than talk about doing it. Ministering rather than Administering. I get great joy our of my life by trying to serve others. I would rather help someone else fix there broken house then work on my own. I think most people are that way. It's always funner to work on someone else's home than your own. So that is what I try to do. Recently I heard someone talk about President Thomas S. Monson's personal life. What I took away from that talk was that he tried to listen to the Holy Ghost guide him. And when he had an impression to stop and talk or make a visit to someone. He didn't hesitate. He immediately went and did what his feelings impressed him to do. I hope to some day perfect that same way of life. Currently I am serving as the Young Mens' President in our local ward. I know that calling won't last forever and so we are trying to do our best every week. We meet on Sunday's and teach lessons and meet on Wednesday's for activities. I am very blessed to have some of the best adult leaders serving along side with me. Hopefully we will make a difference in someones life.