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Hi I'm Faroe

I work in journalism and I love to travel and play sports. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Salt Lake and Graduated in Broadcast Journalism from BYU. I have been married for three years, but I don't have any kids yet. We just bought our first house and we are loving our neighborhood. I love to travel and have been to over 30 countries. I am trying to get better at photography and I love to play sports. My favorites are hiking, skiing, volleyball and tennis.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up, my family was Mormon and we went to church regularly. For the most part I believed in the church, but during my teens there were times when I questioned if it was really true. At first I took a logical view of the gospel. I thought that religion as a whole was good for society and it made people happy to believe there was something bigger and better out there guiding us. Then I thought if there was a true church it had to be the Mormon Church for two main reasons. The first being the Book of Mormon. I couldn't explain how such a book with so many great teachings could have come about except from God. The Book of Mormon has geography, Chiasmus an Ancient form of poetry, and many details that Joseph Smith or anyone at the time period in America would not have known. Then I could not deny the way I felt when I read it. The Holy Ghost has confirmed to me time and time again that The Book of Mormon is true and is a record of the dealings of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas with God. It teaches so many truths and explains many things that I had questioned in the Bible. The second main reason that I am a Mormon is that I believe we have the true authority from God, the same authority from the Ancient days of Moses and other prophets. It is the only church that has a prophet at its head to direct and receive revelation for its members. This prophet can receive revelation from God and I have a testimony of that because when I have followed the counsel of our prophet I have been helped in my life. Our prophet warned us to get out of debt before the recession and helps us to know how to deal with problems in my marriage or family. I know this church is true and I am so blessed to be a member of it.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Mormon faith I do a lot of things daily to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and strive to be more Christ-like. I try to pray and read scriptures every day and look for opportunities to help others around me. I go to church for three hours every Sunday. This includes sacrament where we have members of the congregation speak and we take the sacrament, then we have an hour of scripture study, then another hour where the men and women separate and are taught lessons specific to improving our lives and families. I am an adviser for the girls in my church ages 16-18. I teach them a lesson every Sunday and we do an activity once a week to help them improve themselves. This could be service, exercise, or developing a talent. I love working with the youth, its amazing their level of understanding and the examples they are to me.

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a record of the teachings and revelations from Christ and God to the ancient people of the Americas. We use the Bible and Book of Mormon together to study and learn. The Book of Mormon contains details and explains topics in the Bible in further detail. Sometimes the Bible explains one aspect of Salvation and the Book of Mormon explains it a little bit more in detail. Also, since the Bible has been passed down for hundreds of years and has been reprinted and re-transcribed we believe that some truths or meaning may have been lost through the generations. In 1820 Joseph Smith, then 14 prayed about what church to join and which church was true. In answer, God and Christ appeared to him. Through messengers later sent to Joseph Smith the location of The Book of Mormon was revealed and he translated it from reformed Egyptian to English by the power of God. I know the Book of Mormon is a true book. It testifies of Christ and explains doctrine. The Book of Mormon contains references to specific geographical locations that were not known in Joseph Smith's time. It also contains Chiasmus, a form of ancient poetry that was discovered long after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. I can't explain how this book, which contains so many truths and teachings I relate to could have come about except for by God. I would encourage you to read it and take a discussion from the missionaries so they can explain it further. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

We believe that the family unit is very important and that marriage and families are eternal and do not end with death. We believe men and women each have divine characteristics that together make the best parenting team. We believe that homosexuality is not genetic but is environmental. We see it as something that happens, but something that can be overcome. We all have challenges or inclinations to do certain things. Some people are more prone to drink alcohol and others are tempted to have an affair. We see homosexuality as a temptation that can be resisted and not acted upon. The church has a strong belief that marriage is between a man and a woman and that sexual relations should only happen in marriage. Some homosexuals may feel it is too much to ask to have them remain chaste, but any member of the church that is not married is commanded not to have sexual relations as well. There are people in the church who have been single their whole lives and die single, never having broken that commandment. We expect this of homosexuals as well. I do not look down on homosexuals and I don't see them as bad people. We all have things we are dealing with and things we need to overcome. Show more Show less