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Hi I'm Keith

I'm a Mormon. I am from Michigan, and I really work hard to help people that are disabled.

About Me

Right now I am working on finding an new job and going back to school come January.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been asked many times in the last 7 years why? Why would one that was not raised LDS ever want to be? Well, this is my story on why??? It all started when I was in High School. I wanted to do thing's right and follow the Savior with all my heart. So I was very selective on what movies, music, and other things that I would encounter. One day I was in the video store and I was looking looking for an movie to watch. There was not many good thing's that I was able to see. Then I came accross an movie called God's Army. (which I was un-aware that is was about mormon's when I rented it.) So I brought it home. I watched it, and I wondered why all church's didn't reach out the way the mormon's do? The Next day was Sunday and I went to church. After Church I asked if I could talk to my pastor. We meant and I told him that I was looking at the LDS faith online and I watched this movie, and I wondered why we did't do an outreach like that? He then spent the next hour telling me that it was evil and that I should avoid digger deeper for my own spirtual safety. So I trusted him and I left it alone. About 6 month's Latter I left for Olivet Nazarene University when I studied religion. I wanted to be an miniter. Many great things happend while I was there to help prepare me to join the church. After I finnished what was needed to be an minister I returned to Michigan where I took and youth minister position in an church there. While doing that I was also managing and restruant too. It was while I was managing one day that the Missionaries came in to eat. I decided to clean the dinning room and approach them. I asked them some questions. They answered the one's they could. They then asked me if I would allow them to come by my place and share more with me. I was not to sure about that. Everything I had been taught about the mormons was they were evil. Though somthing aching inside me told me to let them. So over th enext few month's they would stop by and share things with me. As they would share things with me I would not keep the commentments that they would invite me to do. So I was not reading, praying or going to their church. Then one day I found my self on my knees praying and not feeling that I was not where the Lord wanted me to be. I was not cosidering the LDS church it all. Though I did know that I needed to resign as an minister because it was not where the Lord wanted me to be. That same day the missionary did an surprise visit and I told them what had happend. They then said well your not obligated to be any where this sunday you should come to church with us. So I said fine I will check out your church. That sunday was intense. A lady passe out, they changed the Bishopric, and then and young man was giving is farewell talk before leaving on his mission. It was during that talk that I felt somthing so very strong, somthing that was stronger then anything that I had ever felt in my life. I then stayed for all three hours. After church I left right away and went home and pleaded with the Lord to find out if it was true or not. After abot an hour of praying I recieved and answer that was very strong. It was very peacful, but very true. I knew from that it was true. One year latter I left on an mission and the young man that was giving his farwell talk was my trainer / first compannion.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in my everyday life. I really enjoy serving in my church. Currently, I serve by helping people find gainful employment, and help with keeping track of church membership records.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The best way to know anything in life is to go to the source. In this case aske God. Who better to ask about if this is an rue church or not. that is what I did and it changed my life forever. Show more Show less