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Hi I'm Jefferson

I'm a fun loving, music listening, competitive swimming, choir singing, middle sibling, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My idea of a great summer is waking up at 410 in the morning to make it to the outdoor swimming pool, for practice, by 5. I enjoy swimming and being able to participate in a sport that is both team and individual oriented. Since I would wake up early in the summer mornings to swim I learned that if you want something to happen you need to work as hard as you can to make it happen. There is no substitute to smartly working hard. There is nothing quite like swimming as hard as you can and seeing yourself progress throughout the season. The awesome feeling of diving into a pool and swimming your fastest will never grow old! I will never forget the lessons that I learned on how to work, as a team, towards one common goal, and the happiness that I've had when our team achieved that goal. Growing up in Utah, I had the fortunate opportunity to have a vast variety of outdoor activities readily at hand. So, going camping, rock climbing, biking, river rafting, boating, fishing, and running are some of my favorite outdoor activities. One of my favorite activities is biking with one of my best friends up a canyon in the morning and being able to ride down it really fast while watching the sun rise over the landscape. I play the piano and sometimes the organ. I find stastistics fasinating! Findinig relationships between events, and being able to see that relationship mathematically outlined is really cool. I like helping others and feel that life is great if you always remember God.

Why I am a Mormon

Having a strong foundation, that is based on Jesus Christ and His teachings has always been something that is important to me. So, I believe in Christ. He is the Savior of the world. As I have read from The Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible I have come to know Him more personally. From the Bible I am able to read the account of people who saw Christ, who walked with Him throughout His life. As I read the sacred chapters about His birth and His death I come to know Him, and His love for me, more closely. The Bible is a great resource to any seeker of the truth. However, the Bible is not sufficient in it's entirety to cover the full divinity of Jesus Christ and the full extent His actions have. The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ teaches us more about Christ, who He is, and what He has done for us. By providing another testimony of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father has made it easier for anyone who is willing to build their foundation on His Son, Jesus Christ. That's why I'm a Mormon. It really is simple. I wanted to build a strong foundation on Jesus Christ. I saw The Book of Mormon as a tool that I could use to do so. I read from The Book of Mormon and follow the invitation from Heavenly Father to ask Him if the book is true. I ask Heavenly Father if The Book of Mormon is true, and He always tells me that it is. The simplicity found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is enough to testify to me that the Church is true. What is more simple than asking God a question? He promises everyone that every time we ask Him a question, He will answer. By reading from The Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true I continue to build a strong foundation on Christ.

How I live my faith

When I swim a mile race I have two people helping me, my coach and my lap counter. My coach helps me keep a fast pace and lets me know if I need to speed up or hold my pace. My lap counter helps me keep track of how many laps I have completed, which lap I'm on, and how many laps I have remaining. During the race I look to my coach to recieve guidance and direction. From her elevated view, standing above the water, she sees things that I can't. I trust her. Likewise I depend on my lap counter. He sends me signals on what I need to do as he coordinates with my coach. When we all work together in unity, I am able to swim to my fullest potential. This is similar to how I live my faith. Being alive is like swimming a mile race. At times the race seems long and hard. Other times it goes by fast and is really fun! My swim coach is like our loving Heavenly Father. From His elevated point of view He gives me guidance and direction. I trust Him. He has called a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who is like my lap counter. The prophet coordinates with Heavenly Father and lets the whole world know what we need to do to draw closer to Heavenly Father. As I pray daily to Heavenly Father and follow the guidance that He gives to Thomas S. Monson I am able to, "swim," through life. Just like swimming the mile, when the I follow the direction and guidance from Heavenly Father and the living prophet I am able to live at my fullest potential. This analogy works in many ways. Parents have coached me through life and siblings have helped me keep track of my progress. I help other people by being their coach or lap counter. I try to be a positive example of Jesus Christ by lifting people around me and sharing what I know is true. I strive to help others live the type of life Christ lived, knowing it will bring them the most happiness. As of now, I am helping people in Orange County, California live the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching them the doctrines He orignally taught.