New Zealand
Jean Vogler: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jean Vogler

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom with four fun and crazy kids. My husband owns his own computer repair business. I really enjoy serving people, whether it's my own family members, people in my community, or at church. Being a stay-at-home mom takes up most of my time, planning playdates, supervising chores and homework, and keeping my house and family in good order. But I also give where I can in the community, like knitting newborn hats and donating them to local hospitals. I enjoy music, and God has blessed me with a good voice. I also enjoy food and cooking. I am a fan of foreign and exotic cuisine, and I like trying new recipes for dinner (as long as my family is willing to eat.)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the LDS church, but I have had lots of opportunities throughout my life to follow a different religion or faith. When I was a teenager, my parents divorced. A lot of times, a child in my place would start to rebel against everything they have been taught to believe and do. Well, I don't know if I started acting rebelliously, but I started questioning everything. And not just to defy, to REALLY know. I wanted to be happy in life. How do I do that? I wanted to get married one day and have a family. Was it really possible? And most importantly, I wanted to be loved and feel my life really mattered. All of these questions and concerns were honestly, truthfully resolved within the gospel of Jesus Christ. I continued to attend Mormon church meetings and activities. I'm sure that sometimes my questions drove my teachers nuts, but they patiently answered me with teachings from the scriptures and counsel from the prophets. Then at night I would pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me really understand. Eventually I knew that everything I was being taught was true, AND possible to do! I saw how DOING what they were teaching me could truly make me happy and give me everything I wanted in life. And no other church around taught the same, solid, important principles the Mormon church taught. The truth was here, and no where else. And this is why I am a Mormon.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Several years ago I went through some serious struggles in my life. Because of actions other people chose to make, I felt very hurt, angry, and more sorrow than I thought I could bear. I felt like walking away from life. But I didn't. Why? Because I felt that I would also be walking away from God and all the blessings he had given me. God had never abandoned me before, and I didn't want to abandon him for no reason. So I got on my knees and prayed. And prayed and prayed some more. Soon I had feelings of peace come over me. Even though I still felt I was in the middle of a storm, I was perfectly calm. I knew the Lord was with me, and He knew everything I was feeling and thinking. Then I began to realize I had more control in the situation than I thought, and this gave me more comfort and peace. I began to see ways I could change what was happening, or ways my reactions would affect what happened, for good or bad. The Lord opened my mind to what He saw. This calmed my fears and sorrow, my anger started to dissolve, and I felt peace. Things were still difficult, and it was a long road to walk, but I walked with the Savior. Since then prayer is how I stay connected with the Lord, how I stay focused in life on what really matters. I talk with Him often, to give thanks and praise, and in return He continues to talk to me, give me some little bits of inspiration here and there, and help me continue to feel peace and love. I know He will always be just a prayer away when the road gets rocky, so I also stay just a prayer away when the road is smooth.

What has helped develop greater harmony in your home?

My family reads scriptures together and pray together every morning before the kids go to school and my husband goes to work. At night, we sing together and pray together before we put the kids to bed. We also sit down and eat dinner together every night as a family. This is another chance for us to pray together as we bless the food. After all the different parenting and discipline methods my husband and I have tried with four rowdy kids, we have found that consistently gathering together for prayer and scripture study every day is the only thing that really helps my kids be nicer to each other, and for our home to feel more peaceful. I see my children have more faith in God and talk about Him more. I see them play peacefully together more often, or help each other with homework or chores instead of yelling at each other. And seeing my children happy makes me happy.

How I live my faith

My dad taught me to "bloom where you are planted," and that is how I live my faith. Wherever God puts me in life, I will teach and love and strengthen those around me. Most of the time, I'm teaching my children about Heavenly Father and Jesus. My husband and I read the scriptures and pray with our kids every morning.. We talk about how the people in the stories are just like us, and how we can choose to keep the commandments in every situation we are in. Every night at bedtime we sing a hymn or a song the kids learned in church, and we pray together. Family prayer is especially important to me. I believe it forms an unshakable bond between our family and Heavenly Father, and I feel my family is safer. I always tell my kids that our family members are the most important people we will ever have relationships with, and they should always treat each other as good as, or even better, than they do their friends. At church I serve as the nursery class leader. My students are 18 months-3 years old, and wow! It's an adventure! In my class I focus on the one idea the gospel is centered on -- love -- how Heavenly Father and Jesus love us all, how I love my students, how they can love each other and their families. And really, love is what the gospel is all about. Love is the reason Heavenly Father created this world for us, and why Jesus Christ died for us and why He is our Savior. It's all about love.