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Hi I'm Nicole

I grew up non-denominational Christian and at 26 became Mormon.

About Me

I love sprinkles, traveling, music, the color yellow, and being Mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

I wrote this the night before I was baptized on September 12, 2008. My parents divorced when I was 2 years old. Dad moved to Indiana and mom stayed in California. We were never raised going to church on Sundays, yet rather going to church on holidays and that was completely sufficient for them. My dad was never around, he was never involved. He had a drinking problem and one summer he even held a gun to my head when things got a little out of hand with his drinking. I suppose since home life wasn’t the best example I wanted to find out what I could do to change things. I don’t think I opened up a bible and read it until I was in high school. When I was 15 I decided to start going to bible studies and find out who God was. I attended Saddleback Church, a large Non-Denominational Church in Orange County, California. I made the decision to get baptized at the age of 16. I guess I thought this would make a change and I would now embark upon something new, but nothing really changed in my life and I blame myself for that, because I did not change anything. I went to college at 17, attending church here and there but continued to read my bible every day. At 19 I fell in love and got married. After marriage things somewhat went downhill and I found myself divorced and living in Georgia at the age of 21. I moved to FL and finished my degree. During the next 3 years God did work within me that I am so grateful for. I found a church that I loved and friends that were amazing. I was living the “lukewarm” Christian lifestyle however and I didn’t seem to find a problem with that. It didn’t hit me until I stopped going out to discipline myself as I studied for the Law School Admission Test. After the test was over I found it pointless to drink, after all I hadn’t done it in so long, why start up again, especially knowing that my whole family has addiction problems. I had also lost a lot of my so called friends during the time that I chose not to go out while I studied. Apparently I was only a friend when I wanted to hang out and party. I decided I would start hanging out with my church friends and if I had to sit inside every weekend playing scrabble, I was perfectly fine with that. Much to my dismay, the people within the church were no different than my friends outside the church. They were drinking and going out as well. The further and further I grew in my relationship with God I noticed the subtle changes and started to get annoyed with the lifestyle people lived. After completing college I had the goal to attend law school. I knew from reading the bible that if I wanted an answer, I should fast and pray. I fasted and prayed and prayed to figure out where God wanted me to be and how He wanted to use me. If someone would have asked me at that point in my life if God had control of my life I honestly would have responded yes, however I know now that I was still holding on to self. I had a conditional mindset, I would say that I wanted to be used by God but then if He would have asked me to move to Africa and do a mission; I knew I would say no. At any rate, the fast led me to believe that God wanted me to go home to California, that I needed to go spread His word and I needed to start with my family. Although I wanted to, I thought to myself, how the heck will I get rid of EVERYTHING I own, that I have built up for 9 years. I mean I was really into my material stuff. Well, God sure got me over my material things. I was ok with this plan but in my mind I had a 6 month time frame to do this in, so I could save up money to move all my stuff home. God however had a different plan. He wanted me to get rid of everything I owned, all of my material possessions. I hesitated at first but I listed everything on Craigslist and within 6 hours I had a woman calling me. She was subletting a condo 5 units over from mine had just bought a house and needed to furnish it. She walked in to my condo and said, “What is for sale?” I replied, “Everything.” She said, “Name a price, I will take everything.” From my silverware to my wall art and all furniture, she took it all. From the time I decided to move to the day I moved it was 2 weeks. When God wants to work, He works fast. Selling my possessions was just the start. Each day He worked on something else in me. I decided I never wanted to have a drink ever again, not even for a celebration, I never wanted to have sex or do anything outside of kissing with someone until I was married and most importantly that I wanted to be modest. After returning home I hung out with a friend from high school that was Mormon. He invited me to church and I accepted the offer. I knew that there was a reason I was home in California but I did not think that it was to become Mormon. I made an appointment to meet with the missionaries on August 28, 2008. I went in to the meeting thinking one of us was right, either me or them. Sitting across from those young men, one looked at me with tears in his eyes and a firm testimony that he KNEW this book was true and that if I read it with a sincere heart and real intent, I would come to know the exact same thing. They gave me a Book of Mormon and I went home to read it. That night and for 3 consecutive nights, I had Mormon dreams. I had no clue what they meant, but I knew they were happy thoughts. I didn't find out what they were until I was reading Nephi and he talked about how he received visions in the night and all the sudden it clicked, I remembered my dream, it was me laughing and being at peace in the presence of Mormons. I still tried to read the Book of Mormon with reservation and somewhat trying to prove it wrong, but suddenly my view changed and I was reading it through the spirit. I found that the Book of Mormon was challenging me to know more about the Bible and it was not hindering but massively growing my relationship with God. That next Sunday, my mom wanted me to go to church with her before I went to the Ward. I didn't want to but I did. For the first time ever when I was in church I had this gut feeling, I didn't feel right- things were off. I was bothered about the way people dressed in flip flops and cut off shorts. Things that had never impacted me before were making me question why I wasn’t LDS. He started talking about baptism and I suddenly flipped to Hebrew 7:11 on my own, which is about the Aaronic priesthood. I then found myself thinking, it isn't LDS that is something new, it is that modern Christianity has taken away the things they wanted and forgot so much of how we should be. My mother came at me with many anti-Mormon documents but I knew in my heart that it was true. I knew the peace I felt and the joy this gospel had brought into my life in such a short period of time. It was nothing someone forced me to believe or made me do, I KNEW this was the true church. I was baptized on September 13, 2008 and it was the best decision I have ever made. Life may be hard, trials do not cease but peace and joy encompass me. Since my baptism my family has come around. They see and understand the importance of this church and they recognize the happiness and joy in my life.

How I live my faith

My faith is extremely important to me. Sometimes you don't realize the significance of prayer and scripture study until you stop doing them. I know that living the gospel has blessed me immensely, the small and simple things that I do show my Heavenly Father that I am willing to obey and live according to his will. People often ask if it is difficult to go from living the ways of the world to living the ways of the gospel and the answer is no. Of course we will always have temptations, yet the more knowledge you know, the harder it is turn away from the truth. I am grateful for callings and the visiting teaching program. Being able to get together with women my age and share in their happiness and sorrows is such an amazing experience and gives a sense of extended family and love that I had never felt before.

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Truth. There is a light about members of the church, a truth that cannot be denied. The power of the holy spirit testifying to your soul that this church is true, happens more and more each day. How can one deny such a feeling? You simply can't... and if you do, you are lying to yourself. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Contrary to popular belief, Mormons DO NOT worship Joseph Smith. We do however, hold him in high esteem for the marvelous work he has done. Joseph Smith endured more than any man, excluding Jesus, for the salvation of mankind. If such a church were false and the doctrine he brought forth untrue, when he faced martyrdom and imprisonment, any person would have walked away. He knew however the importance of this gospel and fought until his death to bring the truth to many. Show more Show less