New Zealand
Courtney: horses, math, student, thankful, ASL, Mormon.

Hi I'm Courtney

About Me

In May of 2014 I graduated with a degree in Mathematics. I have developed a deep passion for ASL and plan to pursue a degree in American Sign Language in the near future. I hope to become a sign language interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing and someday teach deaf students mathematics by combining two of my passions. I love riding my horses and they continue to be a source of inspiration in my life. Life is beautiful and I hope to live it to the fullest extent possible. I hope that my passion for the things I love and life itself will help me touch the lives of those around me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I did not always have a testimony and for many years I rarely attended church meetings or activities. When I started college at 18 I began reading The Book of Mormon daily and although I had read it previously it was at this time that I began to truly notice the power within its pages. Within a year I began actively attending church again. I have always found daily prayer a difficulty, but through prayer and study I gained a knowledge of my Savior that I had never before had. I want to gain happiness in this life and the one that follows. I have always felt that I am not quite whole and through the experiences of my short life the only thing that has ever begun to mend that hollow feeling is this church and its teachings. I know that Christ died for my sins and that through his atonement I can be made whole and gain that happiness. I hope that along the way I can both help and be helped by others who are working for that happiness.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

At 19 I experienced one of the hardest challenges of my life: the death of my father. Throughout my teenage years my dad and I had a very strained relationship and when he died my emotions were so closed that I barely felt a thing. At the time I was less active in church meetings, but soon afterward I began going to church again. Over the past few years I have opened the emotional barriers that kept me from mourning the loss of my father and I finally felt those biting emotions over his passing. I can vividly remember the last words I ever spoke to my dad and every day I have wished to take them back. It was through my attendance of church meetings that I gained the emotional stability I needed in order to truly feel and I have gained a knowledge of the love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for me and the atonement that gives me the ability to be forgiven of the wrongs I have done. I have also gained a firm belief in eternal families. This has helped me as I struggle with the painful memories of the strained relationship I had with my father. Through the atonement I can be forgiven for the mistakes I made in my relationship with my earthly father and since I am sealed to him I will have the chance to meet him in the next life and develop the relationship I should have had here on earth. Without church meetings and my regular attendance at weekly church services I know I would be lost and alone and my regrets would soon turn into bitter scars with no chance for healing. But I know I can be forgiven and that I can see my earthly father again because of the love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel for me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by reading my scriptures daily and attending church meetings regularly. I think it is very important to keep my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life no matter where I am. I love to share my faith and beliefs with those around me. I have often been strengthened by the faith and testimony of others and I try to return the favor.